Amek Console
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Vintage Pearl Drums
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With Yehuda Poliker
With Yehuda Poliker
With Alon Hillel & Gidi Gov
With Gidi Gov
With Sami.H & Yael B.Z
With Tom Avni
With Liraz Charhi
With Avi Toledano
With Oren Barzilay
With Daniel Yaffe
With Tzahi Halevi
With Menny Begger
With Menny Begger
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With Jean Paul Zimbris
With Avi Singolda
With Avi Singolda
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With Haya Samir
With Elinor Chriqui
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SSL Console
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Urei Compressor
With Poliker's Band
Grand Piano Session
Performing at Caesarea
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At Zappa Tel Aviv
Balance at Caesarea
Performing - Sultan's Pool
With Theatre Actors
The Inspiration
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